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The supreme irony of the internet is that the faster we can communicate, the more out of date our information is. So now we are going to tell you where we can be seen in the month of December 2004. Stephen will be performing as the Nutcracker at the Sugar Plum Fairy parties at the S.F. Ballets' Nutcracker, riding around in Santa's sleigh, and performing with Pacific Playback Theatre for Granite Construction. If you want to experience Pacific Playback Theatre come to our open rehearsal on Monday December 20th, 7:00 PM, at Mariposa Studio located at 2808 Mariposa Street. For reservations call 415-282-8558, or go here.

In November 2004, Stephen starred in Funky Puppet Supper 4 - The Devil Take Them! at CELLspace in San Francisco. It was again a commedia dell'arte cabaret performance with three-course dinner, puppets, and more. FPS was just in time for those who need to take a break from the Presidential election.

In this year's show, Dottore Foustous (Bryan Welch, right) receives a strange book in the mail that conjures strange things. Once the evil is unleashed, the Dottore walks down a path of revenge upon Pantalone (Stephen Bass, left), deception, loss, and his ultimate doom. Meanwhile, his daughter has fallen in love in the purest of ways. Is there light at the end of our journey? Can love conquer evil? Are you done with your salad? Deep questions to chew on at the Funky Puppet Supper's "The Devil Take Them!"

If you have any great Ideas of theater we should perform feel free to drop us a line by e-mail.


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